Japanese Translation Dictionary Tool

While writing something else it occurred to me that something ought to exist, but I was unable to locate it with a few simple googles. And if the Arifureta translation is any indicator, when I find something not done that I want done, I do it.

Japanese Translation Dictionary

What is this? It’s a dictionary add-on for Microsoft office. I scoured the web for around 3,000 Japanese terms that might show up in a manga/ln/translation. With this list, you will no longer get the annoying squiggly lines on every single word. In fact, if you spell a word wrong, it’ll give you the proper word to correct with. No longer will you have to struggle on how to spell goshujin-sama.

It contains the 100 top Japanese names, both first and last. It has all of the onomatopoeiae and sound effects. The sans, oniis, the bakas, and all the other words often considered normal in a Japanese web novel. Also city names, island names, prefects, Japanese eras… basically anything I thought might show up. The list is far from complete. We’ll call this a demo or “version 0.1”.

Feel free to download and try it out. Let me know where it works, what it’s failing at, etc… etc… If anyone knows of one of these lists already existing, let me know about it. If you want to help flesh out this list, I’d welcome the help too. we can work on it over google docs or something.

Oh… how do you install it? I don’t know every version of office, but it should be options / proofing. Click add custom dictionary. Add it there. You might want to deactivate it when you’re not translating, but I’ll leave that choice up to you.

I’ll also need to get a better downloading site since it won’t let me host it here, but we’ll see how this works.





10 thoughts on “Japanese Translation Dictionary Tool

  1. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not as good as I thought even with all the stuff I looked up on adding dictionaries to LibreOffice Writer, but it doesn’t seem to work for it. What I use is basically an open source version of Microsoft Office. I guess I better stick to looking up the words online and adding them manually.

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  2. This seems useful so thanks for the note. If you’re just reading on a browser, Rikaikun is a good chrome app that has a mouse over ‘popup’ window giving you an instant dictionary during reading without the hassle of translating everything through translators. There’s a firefox equivalent that rikaikun was developed from so just search for rikaichan or something along those lines.


  3. Thanks for this. I checked the contents in msoffice and the list is in english translation/words. Do you have the same list in Japanese version? I would appreciate it if you can also share the Japanese list. Oh BTW thanks for translating Arifureta. More power to you!!! 🙂


    1. You can just download the Japanese language.

      This is intended for people who write/read translated web novels / light novels. It covers words we often keep untranslated that Microsoft word might not recognize, like baka, goshujin-sama, oniichan, ect….


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